DOOM Update 2 Tomorrow and Multiplayer DLC Next Week

DOOM Update 2 Tomorrow and Multiplayer DLC Next Week

id Software and Bethesda are lining up a one-two punch of multiplayer DLC, launch Free Update 2 tomorrow and Season Pass DLC ‘Unto the Evil’ next week.

Although it may feel like Doom just came out, id Software and Bethesda are actually celebrating the game being available almost almost two and a half months now. Perhaps it feels so recent due to the developers’ focus on putting out so much post-launch content. And what better time to bring that up, as Bethesda has just detailed the next two big Doom content drops, which land tomorrow and next week.

Tomorrow’s “Free Update 2,” which as its name implies will be the second free content drop after the first added center-screen gun placement and other features in June, promises some great multiplayer content. What fans are looking forward to most are two new multiplayer modes: Exodus, a one-flag capture-the-flag mode with randomly spawning bases and flags, and Sector, a zone control mode. There’s also going to be SnapMap content unlocked for aspiring map makers, and as expected all of it is free.

Next week marks the launch of Doom‘s first major premium multiplayer DLC, Unto the Evil. Obviously Unto the Evil offers a much more substantial package of DLC content than the free update releasing tomorrow. Here’s a list of the major parts of Unto the Evil:

  • Three Multiplayer Maps
  • New Demon, The Harvester
  • New Weapon, EMG Mark V Pistol
  • New Equipment, Kinetic Mine
  • New Robotic Armor Set
  • New Hack Modules
  • New Taunts

Bethesda clarifies that everything in Unto the Evil is open to use in all maps and modes, including those in Free Update 2.

Many studios have moved away from releasing multiplayer maps as premium DLC in recent years, so it’s surprising to see id sticking with it. That is to say, that if their goal is to get people hooked on Doom multiplayer, then fracturing the community is bad form. id and Bethesda do seem aware of this, however, as a feature will be implemented allowing players to access the maps if they are grouped with friends who own it. Perhaps that’s enough to make fans happy.

Doom‘s $39.99 Season Pass of DLC will feature two additional packs on top of Unto the Evil. There also will be multiplayer DLC packs featuring new maps, demons, weapons, and equipment. Unfortunately there’s been newly announced Doom board game either.

Doom is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Unto the Evil is Doom‘s first premium DLC and is available as part of the $39.99 Season Pass.

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