Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: New Content For Feb 27, 2018

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: New Content For Feb 27, 2018

After a hard fought week, the second Faction Rally for season 2 has come to a close. Earlier today, it was revealed that New Monarchy once again took the top spot, which gives it three wins in a row. The victory means that all Destiny 2 players who pledged loyalty can score the exclusive New Monarchy flavored pulse rifle for only 1,000 glimmer. Players from Future War Cult or Dead Orbit can still pick up the pulse rifle, though the price is considerably higher at 50,000 glimmer.

While the tower doesn’t have any planned events taking place this week, the game itself has launched a major update that brings back a number of highly requested features. Update 1.1.3 re-introduces players to Nightfall Strike Scoring, adds in PC public text chat, as well as the first version of the Prestige Nightfall Challenge Card. Bungie is also adding a feature called emblem variants which not only provide more stats for various achievements such as Crucible kills, but can now add visual effects to players as well. As an added bonus, some emblems even have multiple variants to pick from.

Alongside the latest game update, new content is also available thanks to the weekly Destiny 2 reset. Before jumping into the Nightfall to experience strike scoring, check out our guide below to discover everything new this week including the latest Nightfall strike, an updated Leviathan Raid order, a new Flashpoint location, and much more. Here’s everything players need to know for the week of February 27, 2018.

Weekly Nightfall Strike

Nightfall Strike: Tree of Probabilities

Strike Modifiers:

  • None listed for this week.

Player challenges:

  • To earn Unbroken, the fireteam needs to complete the Nightfall with fewer than three deaths.
  • Laser Challenge: Take five or fewer hits from the lasers in the Atlas Grove.

Like the Treasure Chests from last week, the Nightfall is located on the DLC planet of Mercury, which is unfortunate for those who want to experience the new scoring feature introduced in the latest game update.

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For those that own Curse of Osiris, the Tree of Probabilities sends players into the Infinite Forest to stop the Red Legion from running amok. The Vex simulation players enter focuses on the moment the cabal attack Mercury, so expect plenty of combat against both groups. The first section features a lot of combat, then mixing up gameplay segments by having players hop on Sparrows to navigate the terrain such as a huge gap and a laser infested path. After the sparrow segments, the level shifts back into combat, pitting players against waves of cabal troops while attempting to locate a map of the entire Infinite Forest and the cabal leader.

Towards the end of the mission, players will come across a Vex Gatelord which gets wiped by the Cabal Valus. The Valus is the real threat however as it easily takes down the Gatelord and then turn his sights on the fireteam. During this fight, take care to avoid the red laser beams that have popped up and after enough damage has been done, the Valus will attempt to flee. Chase and finish him off as well as his reinforcements to wrap up the mission.

Flashpoint Location and Treasure Maps

Flashpoint Location: Titan

The Flashpoint once again returns to a vanilla Destiny 2 destination, which means all players again have access to this milestone. This week takes place on Titan, so players have a few public event locations to grind away on for that luminous engram. To shorten the quest time, make sure to trigger the heroic modifier on each strike for added credit.

destiny 2 launch trailer cayde

After a small week, Destiny 2 is back to its traditional offering of five treasure chests. Visit Cayde-6 at The Tower to purchase his maps before visiting Titan to get started. As usual, these treasures have a variety of possible loot that ranges from simple rare gear, tokens, and quest items that can be turned in, to more interesting things like exotic engrams and emblems.

Here’s a general description for all five chests:

  • All five can be found in the Solarium, which is unfortunate due to a lack of fast travel options. So, head to The Rig and prepare to start running.
    • After reaching the other side of the broken bridge connecting The Rig to the Solarium, the first chest is hiding behind the pile of scrap metal and beams.
    • Continue through the hole in the wall and up the stairs to find Hive enemies patrolling around in front of the colored screen. Run past them, or take them out then head to the back corner of the area to find the second chest out in the open. Check the minimap icon for the exact location.
    • Head through the multi-colored screen, head left and through the first door in the large room. Continue running through the path until a tree in a glass case is found. Jump up to the second level of this room (over what looks like glass panels) to find chest three.
    • Jump back down and then continue running into the next room. Immediately stop and jump up to the second level to find chest four.
    • For the final chest, run all the way back to the main room and now head to the far opposite side through the door. Continue following the path, eventually leading to the next zone called the Festering Halls. Don’t stop running and continue following the path until the final, open room loaded with Hive is found. the chest in here is on the left side of the room, towards the wall.

Leviathan Raid Encounter Order/Weekly Challenge

The weekly reset also impacts the raid each and every week as the Leviathan Raid encounter order has been shuffled. While this not only helps to keep the experience fresh for veteran players, it also helps players new to the experience get used to the Raid while also giving them an opportunity to play each part even if struggling.

This week, the challenge focuses on the War Dogs of the Pleasure Gardens. As always, consult our guide for tips, tricks, and a walkthrough of how to complete the raid challenge for this week.

Raid order for February 20:

  • Baths (Royal Pools)
  • Pleasure Gardens (War Dogs)
  • Gauntlet
  • Emperor Calus

Destiny 2 three players Pleasure Gardens Prestige raid

Heroic Strike Milestone

Heroic Strikes – Complete 3 heroic strikes.

For players looking for more of a challenge when playing strikes, the Heroic Strikes playlist is the way to go in Destiny 2. Players above the minimum recommended power level of 270 have an opportunity to score better loot at the end of the mission. Complete three of these this week to earn a powerful loot engram.

Lord Shaxx Crucible Milestone

Call to Arms – Win glory by participating, getting kills, and finishing PvP matches from either the Quickplay or Competitive playlists. Finish the milestone and return to Shaxx to earn his weekly engram.

And that’s all for this week. Good luck, Guardians!

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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