Payday 2 Battlefield DLC

Payday 2 Battlefield DLC

Payday 2 may not be a perfect game, but thanks to frequent upgrade patches, loads of DLC, and an addicting co-op multiplayer experience; the heist game has won over the hearts of many PC and console gamers. Despite the serious subject matter of the game (robbing businesses and having vicious shoot-outs with Johnny Law), the team at Overkill has managed to give the franchise a good sense of humor, as well. A new ad for the next DLC offering will likely score quite a few laughs, as it pokes fun at another franchise that is moving into Payday’s cops versus robbers territory next year.

Following up Gage’s Weapon Pack from last December, this week players will have a chance to harness the power of Gage’s Assault Pack. If you visit the official Overkill site to find details about the $4.99 DLC pack, you’ll notice that its page bears a striking resemblance to the style of the Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 marketing.

If you’re a first-person shooter fan (or just about any kind of contemporary video game fan) you’ll recognize the signature Battlefield glowing orange spots, teal color scheme, and intense soundtrack. The marketing is clearly no mistake or rip-off and Payday 2 producer, Almir Listo, acknowledges the similarities on the Steam Community page

“This is us at Overkill tipping our hats to a fellow Swedish game developer.”

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Although the Overkill rep doesn’t mention the similarities between the theme of the next installment in the Battlefield franchise and the Payday world of crime, it seems like the shared interests are also part of the reason for the ad’s nod to BF.

Payday 2 players will be able to get their hands on the Gage Assault Pack on Steam starting tomorrow (September 4) for just $4.99. The five dollar add-on content will give users access to a list of new weapons and customizations…

  • 4 weapons
  • 4 melee weapons
  • 28 mods
  • 4 masks
  • 4 materials
  • 4 patterns
  • 10 achievements

Although the new grenade launcher and assault rifles are as exciting as every, many fans are looking forward to the four new melee weapons. With the release of the patch, all melee weapons will receive a new Concealment stat. The new scale will measure how easily the weapon can be hid and impact players’ overall detection risk.

In addition to the awesome weapons, Marvel Comics fans will have the chance to geek out over a mask that looks quite a bit like cosmic big baddie Thanos. We look forward to seeing the other new masks when the full spoiler is released.

Do you think Hardline will offer the same kind of cops versus robbers mayhem as Payday 2 or are the games apples and oranges? Let us know in the comments.


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Source: Overkill

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