Outlast 2 Delayed to 2017

Outlast 2 Delayed to 2017

Game developer Red Barrels Games officially announces its forthcoming first-person survival horror title Outlast 2 gets a delay until the beginning of 2017.

Once considered by many to be one of the most anticipated horror games of 2016, fans of Outlast 2 are now expected to extend their excitement well into next year, as its developer Red Barrels Games has announced that the title is being pushed back into the first quarter of 2017. Originally scheduling it for launch this fall on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, the studio behind the survival horror release stated that it could not be sure the game would be ready in the previously announced time frame.

According to an official post on Outlast 2‘s Facebook page, the “difficult decision” was made in order to “deliver . . . the most fulfilling experiences possible.” Beyond that explanation, however, Red Barrels didn’t give any concrete details or examples as to why development for the game is going to be extended into the beginning of next year. Those interested can find the studio’s full statement on the matter below.

“We had to make a difficult decision recently. After weighing our options we’ve decided to postpone Outlast 2’s release until Q1 of 2017.

We want you to know that we listen to your feedback, we see your excitement and we know you care about our work. Our mission as an indie studio is to deliver to you the best, most terrifying, most fulfilling experiences possible. That’s why we’re taking just a little bit more time to make sure our vision for Outlast 2 is in no way compromised and is the experience you deserve.

“This is not the type of news we ever want to deliver, but we are so fully committed to the world we’ve built and to our awesome community that we could not, in good conscience, release a game who’s limits haven’t been tested to the extreme.

“Thank you for understanding. We promise Outlast 2 will scare the crap out of you.”


Ever since Outlast 2 released its first teaser trailer several months ago, fans have been on the edges of their seats due to equal parts fright and eagerness in expectation for the survival horror title’s release later this year, so news of the delay ought to come as somewhat of a disappointment. However, this also means that Red Barrels will more than likely be able to deliver a much more polished and frightening final product than what was currently in the works, so it’s best to take the good with the bad.

After all, Outlast 2‘s showing at this year’s Electronics Entertainment Expo easily made it one of the best horror games at E3 2016, so even though it’s being delayed a short while, it can only mean that Red Barrels has the opportunity to refine the assets it already has in existence, making for an even scarier game in the end. With that in mind, one can only imagine how much more terrifying the studio can make Outlast 2, especially since previously released gameplay footage was already chock full of scariness.

With the first Outlast being both a fan favorite and critically acclaimed upon its launch—a lot of gamers consider it to be one of the best indie games of 2013—it’s safe to assume that Red Barrels intends to build upon the solid foundation it provided in the original in order to cultivate an even more distinguished release with the follow-up. So, while the studio didn’t offer specific details as to why Outlast 2 is getting delayed, fans should expect for the game’s developers to use the additional time wisely in its creation, especially since the industry as a whole often adheres to the adage of a company only being as good as its last success.

Outlast 2 is set for launch during Q1 of 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Outlast – Facebook

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